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review management system

online reviews?
Are they important?

of consumers say that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions.

of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

of customers say positive reviews make them trust a local business more.


Noticeably satisfied customers should be the most willing to leave a review. Show them the QR code and say “Online reviews are a direct reflection of our efforts and help our business greatly, can you scan this and leave us a 5 star review? If you can tell someone is in distress and unhappy, do not ask for a public review, find the root of the problem ;)

  • When the QR code is scanned it will go right to the Were You Happy review link created by Tier Level.

  • Happy customer?
    They can select the little happy face which gives them the option to leave a Public Google Review.

  • Not a happy customer?
    They can select the little sad face which directs them to a private form that will go to you with NO option for a Public Google Review.

scan the qr codeWere you happy page 1Were You Happy app page 2
Tips + Tricks

Tips and tricks that can help you get better reviews.

WHERE can you utilize a QR code?

- Stickers
- Review Card
- Business Cards
- Flyer

review cards

how to get my team Onboard?

Work together! Roll out a determined review strategy and involve anyone that will be taking on the role of getting reviews. A review can help build credibility as well as your crews confidence when mentioned by name.

landline phone

After you get the review.

Thank them by name, show your appreciation & don’t forget manners. Make that person a return customer!


What if the customer doesn't have a qr code compatible phone?

If the customer does not have a phone compatible with QR codes, have the link on hand ready to text or email as a follow up!

Man with Money

should i offer Incentives?

Make it fun! Hold a contest or give a monetary incentive to promote some competition. Another option is to provide the incentive on the customer side.


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